FaithGirlz Backpack Bible – Review


Being a mother of two incredible girls, I knew that I wanted to check out this Bible, FaithGirlz Follow Your Heart Backpack Bible. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to review this Bible. Obviously, I knew that it was the Bible, but I wasn’t certain how they were adapting it for young girls.

This Bible is specifically geared for girls ages 10 and up. It allows girls to have a Bible that impresses upon them their importance to God and how their beauty comes from within. I love this message, as a woman and mother, because too often society is pushing girls to look a certain way or wear a specific label. We are all created in God’s image and therefore beautiful.

Nestled inside this adorable pink leather cover with the stitched heart are a few select colorful pages for girls to enjoy. These pages focus on inner beauty, friendship, and how to begin a relationship with God. In addition, there is also an idea of how to make their own talk to God journal. It gets girls to communicate their thoughts and feelings to God.

I would recommend this Bible. It allows girls to get into the Word and satisfy their hunger for the Word. It would make a great gift.

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