Are you Anchored?

Vacation 2014 038

I didn’t use to like being on the water. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to swim and be at the beach, but the thought of being in deep water on a boat was not my idea of fun. However, as I have gotten older I have found being out on the water is very soothing.

Last fall, on a family trip to Missouri, we rented a boat for the afternoon. My husband, the avid fisherman, was eager to take the kids fishing. It was a crisp October afternoon. We loaded up and headed for the water. After a few (okay, actually several) pictures of the kids on the boat and fishing, I was content to sit back and take in the warmth of the sun and movement of the boat.

When Mitch found a “good spot”, he suggested that maybe he should set the anchor before the kids started casting. I didn’t think that extra step was necessary. The wind wasn’t blowing that much and we were back in a cove. Well, it wasn’t long before I noticed what he was talking about, the boat was drifting towards the rocks.

Dear friend, you and I are a lot like the fishing boat. Even in seemingly ideal circumstances, we can drift if we are not anchored.

The enemy wants nothing more than to pull us away from God and our beliefs. He is tricky and won’t do it all at once. No, it is very slow and subtle, just like the wind on the lake. It pulls us away unless we are grounded or anchored in Christ.

You and I must make the choice each and every day as to whether to use the anchor or not. Don’t be careless – cling to God. He is our rock. We can count on to hold us firm even when the storm winds blow.

Are you anchored to God or bobbing along on your own? Turn to God for safety and security.

If there is something heavy on your heart today, I would love to pray for you. Simply leave your request in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “Are you Anchored?

  1. Hello my sister in Christ & friend.. It’s such a blessing to read your writings again, I’ve been away for awhile. Today Im so blessed to read about the anchor, because truly we need to stay anchored in the Lord & his word. My prayer today is that God will help me with the women on my job, they are a great group of women hard working very loving but there seems to be some division between the 3 shifts. I’ve been blessed to be able to work with both shifts & all the staff, I’m trying to put together an outing where we can all come together away from work to have some fun kick up our heals & just relax from the work week, I’m always speaking about my Lord & there are a few of the women who come to me for advice & encouragement in there private life matters & that’s an open door to share the word of God.. I would like to see the unity brought back in to the unit where they all love each other & respect each other knowing that the different titles they carry & years of experience is a good thing if it’s put together to work together to accomplish the one goal we all get up @ 3 am to accomplish the same goal & that is to care for our patients. & assist each other in any way we can using our God given ability & educational training to do exactly that. So pray for me & with me if you will ,that the Lord will guide me on how best to bring this Amazing group of Women & 1 young man together (they’re 2 shifts but 1 unit.. God bless you my sister/ friend. I love you ms jamy & miss you.

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