Rejection is Painful

coffee 2


As adults, we no longer send the cute little notes, “do you like me? Check yes or no.” However, that does not mean that we do not have to deal with rejection. In fact, if anything, it attacks adults more times and in more ways. Rejection can come in several different forms – passed up for a promotion, friend turned his/her back on you, love not returned. The pain of rejection is real, but do not lost heart Christ is all too familiar with your pain. He walked on earth and was rejected by his hometown, siblings, church officials and the nation. The Bible tells us that we will have trials and troubles in this life. It is not a matter or if, but rather when. We can’t begin to think that we will not face rejection, Christ did…


This is a portion of an article that I have featured on Encouragement Café today. This article lines up perfectly with the series this month on our true identity in Christ. I would love for you to read and then come back and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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