5 thoughts on “Truly Blessed

  1. What we have been doing for a couple of years we have been inviting a friend of Warren’s over for a meal. Granted I am not a top chef, but what I do fix he is more than welcome to come and eat with us. He has helped us out with little things like computers and different things. God has blessed us with this friend. He was in the military and had some issues with it and he is needing our help. It is just one of the little things we are doing to make an impact on our little neck of the woods. Thanks for posting.

  2. Jamy,
    I love the video message! It was nice to see your face and hear your voice. The Lord is speaking to me about helping out my husband today. I feel very heavy on my heart that we need to start praying together. I am hoping that we can start saying prayers together before we leave for work. Your message really helped me to have the courage to do what God is calling me to do! Thanks!

    Carrie Kopec

  3. Sending love and prayers to you, Jamy! So glad I got to have a small role in your celebration. (I tried to make a video but keep getting interrupted…. And looked very silly!) You have made an impact on my life and I thank you so much! You have given me a lot to think about this morning. I am praying for guidance and obedience in this area. Much love!

  4. I enjoyed your video I love seeing and hearing from those that help me on my journey in life. I praise God for your healing. Happy Belated Birthday. I help with Bless a Child at church and Thanksgiving & Christmas Food boxes for those in need in our “Community Care” Ministry.

    My husband survived Colon Cancer March 2002 and in August 2002 for his birthday we found out he has cancer in his bone marrow. It has been sitting there smoldering and not moved enough for treatment but just enough to have 4 hours a day of energy.

    We praise God for His grace upon him. I also pray Rick will one day come to Christ.

    Thank you for your loving and encouraging words.

  5. Jamy, your video message was beautiful! Loved hearing your voice along with your personal thoughts on being truly blessed,! I also feel truly blessed! My medically fragile grandson Andrew is in great health and his Kindergarten experience in his inclusion classroom, his on level concept development skills are right where he should be given his extreme challenges. God has given me great joy to have him in my class. To share my blessings, I organized and chaired a fundraising event in memory of my student Eddie who passed away last Thanksgiving to help his family in conjunction with a blood drive to help our community! The Lord blessed the event and it was a beautiful tribute to Eddie’s spirit of love! We named our now to be annual event “Giving thanks by Giving back!” Praising my Triune God! God bless!

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